Cognitive Dissonance

Are you getting upset, when your beliefs are shaken?

When convictions are refuted by new information. Enter a mental conflict. Affecting areas of the brain responsible for personal identity and emotional response to dangers. The brain sounds alarm when a person feels threatened on a deep emotional and personal level. The brain then causes a shutdown. Reasonable evidence that refuted what was previously considered "truth" will be disregarded.

Cognitive dissonance occurs:
• When you've made a decision, even though the alternatives were also attractive;
• When you've made a decision that subsequently turns out to be a wrong decision;
• When one realizes that a started thing is becoming more strenuous or unpleasant than expected;
• If you've gone to great lengths, only to find that the result does not live up to expectations;
• Behaving contrary to one's beliefs without external justification (benefit / reward or cost / punishment).

Focuses of therapy are:
• The awareness of cognition
• Checking cognition and conclusions for their appropriateness,
• The correction of irrational settings and
• The transfer of the corrected settings into concrete behavior.