Cooperation Coaching

A wise man once said we had a choice of which path to take, and there were 2 teachers in human life, consciousness and pain.

Consciousness means: "I accept that life is constantly changing. I accept the challenge of being a co-designer."
Pain means: "I pull myself together, keep still and do not move, I try to force the natural movement of change into my notions of how things and people should be, the result being pressure, negative stress, when it's permanent remains until burnout can occur."

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* Please select from the offers in each case the topics which you like and appeal.

Keep in mind that a whole day per topic is needed. Thank you.

Content of the seminar
At the beginning of the seminar, you can contribute your personal concerns that you would like to work on in the group.

Your concerns can be based on the following topics:

  • Reflecting and expanding leadership and communication skills

  • Mindfully perceive the inner attitude, communication patterns and self-guidance.

  • Reflect on communication and leadership.

  • To recognize and use personal resources and potentials.

  • Agree on clear goals and communicate understandably, clearly delegate.

  • Empowering employees and empowering employees' feelings more consciously.

  • Establish a constructive learning and conflict culture in your area of ​​responsibility

  • Expressing and receiving criticism and feedback constructively.

  • Address conflicts in a timely manner that foster creativity in conflict resolution.

  • Detect communication traps and react adequately.

  • Dealing with your own goals

  • Check and optimize your own goals.

  • Reflect and plan career development.

  • Comparison of professional and personal goals.

  • Keep an eye on work-life balance

  • Check your own strategy for work-life balances and ensure long-term balance.

  • Understand yourself and your own style in dealing with stress factors better.

  • Use these self-insights to develop the individual opportunities for coping with stress.

  • Develop practical and eye-to-eye solutions and strategies for your challenging management practice.

Group coaching with casework, self-experience exercises, practical discussion exercises based on your real-life examples with feedback, input and exchange at eye level.
Coaching and creative training to strengthen employees and entrepreneurial processes.

What does workshop mean?

The activity and interaction of the participants is an essential part of a workshop. The trainer is a moderator who guides, directs, gives impulses at best. Depending on the task, the participant's field can be very heterogeneous, and in some circumstances even before the workshop has nothing to do with the problem to be solved. Non-knowledge transfer & learning or practicing skills & abilities are part of a workshop. The workshop is about the creation of new things, impulses for further development, new / alternative solutions of problems and tasks, exchange of experiences. Within this scope, the workshop is open-ended.

What does coaching mean?

Coaching is the individual form of personal or personal development. The person to be coached (coaches) or the client determines the destination, time, place and duration of the measures. The coach accompanies solution-oriented and goal-oriented, gives feedback and help to self-help, without becoming actively involved in the tasks of the coaches himself.