Death,Farewell & Development

It may seem like a contradictory title: Farewell & Development.
However, as you'll learn in my coaching, both processes are often in mutual fear.

We experience the ultimate form of farewell around death. Practically anyone who has reached middle age - and some unfortunately much earlier - has lost one or more relatives, pets, a parent, a friend, a colleague, a teacher. Death is literally part of our life. Although we do our best to deny it as much as possible: all humans (and yes, we too) die. Nothing has a lasting character, everything is impermanent

In general, our loss experiences drive us to growth and development throughout life. It is a development opportunity. For a long time it was assumed that we have to process losses before we can continue our lives. That we first have to draw a line under the sadness, this we call mourning period: "Me-time".

However, it's a development opportunity. In my coaching I'll show you that this idea of "mourning-time" is outdated. In my coaching, you'll learn that the losses we suffer become part of who we are, our identity. They become part of your autobiography.

Erinnerungsrote Rose