Hypnosis Coaching

Hypnosis is a state of artificially old sofa bed. Hypnosis is the process of achieving a hypnotic trance. One speaks also of "hypnotic induction" or "hypnosis in the closer sense".

Personally, I work with important hypnotherapeutic basics, 4 different introductory techniques also called suggestion texts, fractionation, ideomotorism and 3 different flash hypnosis techniques.

My suggestion texts are designed to gently, without stress or anxiety, slide you into hypnotic trance and then sleep. Trust is as with all life the most important requirement.


Preparation for Hypnosis

  • Building trust, introductory talk between you and hypnotist.

  • Causes-oriented hypnotherapy in a few sessions.

  • Intensive preparation process.

  • Individual therapy, tuned to you.

  • Just as many sessions as you really need.

  • Relaxation furniture is at your disposal.

Hypnosis Types

  • Hypnosis Mindfulness Exercise - A mindfulness exercise with suggestion text for a guided workout.​

  • Hypnosis spring awakening - trance journey to promote relaxation, self-reflection, motivation & goal setting.​

  • Hypnosis at the beginning of the year - hypnosis session for a good start into a new year.​

  • Embrace Hypnosis - A "virtual hug" with a broad spectrum of effects.​

  • Hypnosis in the case of car anxiety - For the treatment of fears and problems when driving a car, also for prevention (e.g. before long holiday trips).​

  • Hypnosis smoking cessation - For the treatment of smoking cessation.​

  • Hypnosis fear of flying - For the treatment of fear of flying & discomfort when flying.​

  • Hypnosis Past & Dream / Imagination - To treat nightmares, help to overcome the past.​

  • Hypnosis in fear of heights - For the treatment of heights anxiety of different characteristics.​

  • Hypnosis in test anxiety - For the treatment of test anxiety and nervousness / malaise before tests of any kind.​

  • Deep relaxation hypnosis - For treatment (with suggestion texts) for mental & physical relaxation & regeneration.​

  • Hypnosis Strengthen self-love - To strengthen self-love / self-empowerment / stabilization.​

  • Hypnosis in social phobia - For the treatment of social phobia of different characteristics.​

  • Hypnosis Spider Phobia - For the treatment of spider phobia & aversion to spiders.​

  • Hypnosis Dental Phobia - For the treatment of dental phobias and discomfort at the dentist, also very good for prevention.​​


  • Intensive session, max. 1.5 hours: 500 €

  • Depending on the symptom between 1-4 sessions at approximately  weekly intervals. Price per session: 1 hour / 76 €

  • Non-smoker hypnosis one-time session, max. 2 hours: 700 €

* All prices without VAT