Pawsitive Life Coaching

Dogs are unbiased and have been proven to have a therapeutic effect on humans. They increase the immune system, well-being, reduce blood pressure and promote self-confidence and self-confidence. With the help of a dog, you can see your life with completely different eyes and learn many new methods to glide through everyday life.

empawer your life!


Dog assisted coaching practice is for adults and children, and in either case the dog can have a passive or active role. A passive role means that a dog is psychically present in the room during the sessions, but does not interact much with the client. Some people feel the presence has an influence on physiological matters, such as a person's heart rate. In most sessions, the client's prefer, that the dog has an active role, and the client are then asked to preform a task with the dog. The task can be anything from taking a walk with the dog outside on a trail, on or off leash, or in case of children, may ask them to teach the dog a trick.

Please select the session/s that appeals to you:

  • Help with dog phobias, therapies, traumatic etc.

  • Visiting dog for children & adults with disabilities

  • Visit dog in case of illness, visits to senior citizens

  • Assertiveness training

  • Meditating with a dog

  • Self-perception/perception of others develop and train

  • Relaxation exercises with dog, in nature and at home

  • Strengthen social competence by dealing with dogs

All exercises can be done with George or possibly with your own dog.