Mindfulness Meditation

Quiet the Mind & the Soul will speak

What is meditation?
Meditation is a spiritual practice practiced by many cultures. Calm the mind and let thoughts calm down.

This reduces stress and should even increase awareness.

The techniques of meditation are very different: meditations work while walking or dancing, drumming or other musical elements. The most widespread are forms of meditation, which run in silence.

10 tips to meditate

  • Do not expect any miracles - every exercise will bring you a little bit more peace and quiet.

  • Make yourself a suitable place - take you always the same place. The benefit after some time is your mind on relaxation as soon as you enter this place. Same place means a chair, sofa, floor etc., not same area.

  • Wear comfortable clothes - simple, nothing is more annoying than a pinch trousers.

  • Eliminate distractions - find a quiet, quiet place

  • Choose a comfortable meditation posture - typical meditation posture is cross-legged. But don't have to be, sit, stand, lie down, knees. You and your body feel well.

  • Start with short meditation sessions - units of five or ten minutes are enough per day. Everything else should be done according to your own well-being.

  • Put negative thoughts away for the moment - it's about letting your thoughts calm down. Sounds easy, but it's very heavy. Tip: Create positive images, makes positive thoughts.

  • Practice regularly - As with everything in life. Practice creates masters.

  • Hold on - Don't do anything while meditating. Your body and mind will resist it for the first time. Nose itches, back hurts, etc., you want to get up. Hold on! You will see: Gradually, these defense reactions become noticeably weaker.

  • Always come back from meditation gently - meditating decelerates. You get out of the hamster wheel of everyday life. After the meditation, take a few minutes to get back into everyday life. Tip: drink a glass of water afterwards.

5 exercises to learn to meditate

  • Breathing meditation - close your eyes. Concentrate on yourself and your breath. Quiet and slow through the nose and out through the mouth.

  • Visualization - the power of your imagination. Close your eyes and embark on the journey for you personal safe place. A place where you feel comfortable (start breathing meditation.) You can always return to this place with every meditation and recharge your batteries.

  • Affirmation - Close your eyes (start breathing meditation), during meditation say positive words or short phrases for reassurance. e.g. "I am calm and relaxed." or Backroundmusic or silent Gong.

  • Attention to your body - close your eyes (start breath meditation), concentrate now on individual body parts of you. Just think of these and nothing else.

  • Grounding - close your eyes (start breathing meditation) only concentrate on the feeling of the soil. Imagine how you grow together with the ground.